[ bih-wigd ]


  1. wearing a wig.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bewigged1

First recorded in 1765–75; be- + wig + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

Adams arrived in a fancy new coach, bewigged and be-ruffled but looking underslept and out of sorts.

Well, nothing except hard feelings from impertinent comments made by bewigged egocentrics with fiery tempers.

Someone like Alexander Nemorov might say that they are really portraits of bewigged heads about to roll.

On Hannah, Miley Cyrus played Miley Stewart, typical student by day, bewigged pop sensation Hannah Montana by night.

Eighteen bewigged barristers—some of the finest criminal lawyers in the country—were also in attendance.

Other bald-headed old gentlemen and bewigged old ladies came in, and he had not time for another word.

But she was her own bright self when she returned to the bald-headed Ducrot and the bewigged Mrs. Devar.

But Mr. Silvermann was not at home, the small, faded, bewigged creature told him apologetically.

Now Law steps in, bewigged, voluminous-jaw'd; Investigates and re-investigates.

One of those bewigged and painted wretches that hate to be thought over forty.





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