[ bahyd ]
/ ba瑟d /
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verb (used with object), bid路ed or bode; bid路ed or (Archaic) bid; bid路ing.
Archaic. to endure; bear.
Obsolete. to encounter.
verb (used without object), bid路ed or bode; bid路ed or (Archaic) bid; bid路ing.
to dwell; abide; wait; remain.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Idioms about bide

    bide one's time, to wait for a favorable opportunity: He wanted to ask for a raise, but bided his time.

Origin of bide

before 900; Middle English biden,Old English b墨dan; cognate with Old Frisian b墨dia,Old Saxon b墨dan,Old High German b墨tan,Old Norse b墨tha,Gothic beidan,Latin f墨dere,Greek pe铆thesthai to trust, rely <Indo-European *bheidh-; the meaning apparently developed: have trust > endure > wait >abide > remain


bider, noun
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How to use bide in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for bide

/ (ba瑟d) /

verb bides, biding, bided, bode or bided
(intr) archaic, or dialect to continue in a certain place or state; stay
(intr) archaic, or dialect to live; dwell
(tr) archaic, or dialect to tolerate; endure
bide a wee Scot to stay a little
bide by Scot to abide by
bide one's time to wait patiently for an opportunity
Often shortened to: (Scot) byde

Word Origin for bide

Old English b墨dan; related to Old Norse b墨tha to wait, Gothic beidan, Old High German b墨tan
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