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big league


[ big leeg ]


  1. Sports. a major league, as in baseball:

    His debut in the big leagues was as a relief pitcher for the Dodgers in the final game of the regular season.

  2. Informal. the area of greatest competition, highest achievement or rewards, etc.:

    He's a local politician who isn't ready for the big league.



[ big-leeg ]


  1. Sports. of or belonging to a major league:

    a big-league pitcher.

  2. Informal. among the largest, foremost, etc., of its kind:

    the big-league steel companies.

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Other Words From

  • big lea·guer big-lea·guer noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of big league1

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85

Origin of big league2

An Americanism dating back to 1885–90; adjective use of big league

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Idioms and Phrases

An area of tough competition and high rewards; the largest or foremost of its kind. For example, Winning an Oscar put this unknown actress in the big league . The term alludes to the major (big) leagues of American baseball. [Late 1800s] Also see big time , def. 2.

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Example Sentences

When he retired from baseball last month, he did so as a Minnesota Twin, the team that drafted him, developed him, brought him to the big leagues and made him an all-star.

Especially when you’re being scrutinized, especially when you’re in the big leagues.

Spector said it has been exciting to watch new players “trying to make their mark and prove that they belong in the big leagues.”

Alderson, 73, has a vast background in running big league front offices.

Kieboom played 53 times under big league lights and is one of only 19,902 people ever to do so.

If his big league career was short-lived, it was nonetheless substantial by almost any measure.

Down here, the big-league dreams of the players are still just far-off lights on the horizon.

The average salary is more than $3 millon, and the minimum big-league contract is $480,000.

This is the big league, and politics is a blood sport here, a tradition going back hundreds of years.

Jacqui, for her part, is represented by another big-league lawyer.

If you fellows hadnt given me Big League support theyd corralled the game after all.

Ive never missed an opportunity of seeing a Big League game and trying to wise up on the methods of the players.

Big-league fielders did not wait till the ball was high in the air before running to get under it.

To be a successful pitcher in the Big League, a man must have the head and the arm.

Newspapers work on the mental attitude of Big League players.


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