[ big-uh-reyd, bee-guh-rahd; French bee-ga-rad ]

noun,plural bi·ga·rades [big-uh-reydz, -rahdz; French bee-ga-rad]. /ˌbɪg əˈreɪdz, -ˈrɑdz; French bi gaˈrad/.
  1. a Seville or bitter orange.

  1. French Cooking. (of a sauce) prepared with bitter oranges: duck bigarade.

Origin of bigarade

1695–1705; <French: bitter orange <Provençal bigarrado, derivative of bigarrar to variegate; see bigarreau

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How to use bigarade in a sentence

  • Score the skin, and dish the fillets in a circle with a little bigarade sauce poured over them.

    Dressed Game and Poultry la Mode | Harriet A. de Salis
  • The next quality, "neroli bigarade," is derived from the blossoms of the Citrus bigaradia, or Seville orange.

    The Art of Perfumery | G. W. Septimus Piesse
  • Neroli bigarade oil, distilled from the fresh blossoms of the bitter orange, Citrus bigaradia.