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[ big-nis ]


  1. the fact or condition of being large in size, extent, amount, etc.
  2. Chiefly New England. size 1.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bigness1

First recorded in 1485–95; big 1 + -ness
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Example Sentences

In a way, they need to make the case that, as in the past, at some point bigness in and of itself is a curse.

This is a time of expanding bigness in the art world, of noise, of numbers, of uber-artists, mixed-media, mega-collectors.

Railing against bigness is the easy part, as the Tea Party is now uncomfortably aware.

The power of bigness corrupts by spreading the twisted logic of bigness.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, we might now understand that bigness works in a similar way.

The Liebeck jury intuited that the only way to punish this logic of bigness was to partake of it.

When he saw it and noted its bigness, he gave Alaeddin ten diners, which he took, and the Jew went his way.

"It isn't the bigness, dear; its the variety," replied the girl.

For, as natural philosophers, there is no bigness or littleness to you.

I say you're a fool and need a guardian—and from now on I'm going to make my bigness aboard here!

It would be only a manly thing for him to think this out, and save her from the results of her own blessed bigness of heart.


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