Binet-Simon scale

[ bih-ney-sahy-muhn; French bee-ne-see-mawn ]

  1. a test for determining the relative development of intelligence, especially of children, consisting of a series of questions and tasks graded with reference to the ability of the normal child to deal with them at successive age levels.

Origin of Binet-Simon scale

First recorded in 1920–25
  • Also called Binet-Simon test, Binet scale, Binet test .

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How to use Binet-Simon scale in a sentence

  • Perhaps the most successful single set of tests for mental deficiency is that known as the Binet-Simon scale.

    Being Well-Born | Michael F. Guyer

British Dictionary definitions for Binet-Simon scale

Binet-Simon scale

/ (ˈbiːneɪˈsaɪmən) /

  1. psychol a test comprising questions and tasks, used to determine the mental age of subjects, usually children: Also called: Binet scale, Binet test See also Stanford-Binet test

Origin of Binet-Simon scale

C20: named after Alfred Binet (1857–1911) + Théodore Simon (1873–1961), French psychologists

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