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[ bahy-ter ]


  1. a person or animal that bites, especially habitually or viciously:

    That dog is a biter.

  2. Chiefly Chesapeake Bay. the larger claw of a crab.
  3. Obsolete. a cheat; swindler; fraud.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of biter1

A Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; bite, -er 1

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Example Sentences

Her demand was simple: I will not marry Loras Tyrell (i.e., the “renowned pillow-biter” to whom Papa Tywin has betrothed her).

It's a real nail-biter for a small clutch of Hollywood agents, each of them wondering who will hit the movie-making lottery.

The passage of health-care reform will suddenly shift from sure-thing to nail-biter.

Although a bold biter, the brook trout is wary, and usually requires all the skill of an experienced fisherman to capture it.

"You will know in future what is meant by the biter being bit," said Jemmy, when the boy returned, crying.

This species is a very free biter, and will take almost any of the baits used for sea fishing.

Innocent-looking patrol boats were sometimes attacked, and, too late, the biter discovered that he was bitten.

Was he not avenged on the highwayman at last, seeing that the biter was bitten!