[ bleym-stawrm ]

nounAlso blame·storm·ing .
  1. the process of assigning blame for a negative outcome or situation: There’s always the blamestorm that happens after a power outage.

  2. a meeting or group discussion for this purpose: Blamestorming is a tool our company uses to figure out why a deadline was missed.

verb (used without object)
  1. to go through the process of assigning blame: It does no good to blamestorm—you should be looking for a solution.

Origin of blamestorm

First recorded in 1995–2000; blame + storm, on the pattern of brainstorm

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British Dictionary definitions for blamestorm


/ (ˈbleɪmˌstɔːm) /

  1. (of colleagues in a business, government, etc) to meet in order to apportion blame for an error or failure

nounAlso: blamestorming
  1. a meeting to discuss who is to blame for an error or failure

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