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adjective,blank·er, blank·est.
  1. (of paper or other writing surface) having no marks; not written or printed on: a blank sheet of paper.

  2. not filled in, as a printed form: a blank check.

  1. unrelieved or unbroken by ornament, opening, decoration, etc.: a blank wall.

  2. lacking some usual or completing feature: An image is stamped onto a blank coin by a die.

  3. (of a recording medium) containing no previously recorded information: She transferred all the restored data onto a blank hard drive.I still have a few blank CD-ROMs.: Compare prerecorded (def. 2).

  4. void of interest, variety, results, etc.: She sometimes occupied her blank days reading detective stories.

  5. showing no attention, interest, or emotion: a blank expression on his face.

  6. disconcerted; nonplussed; speechless: He looked blank when I asked him why he applied for the job.

  7. complete; utter; unmitigated: blank stupidity.

  8. Archaic. white; pale; colorless.

  1. a place where something is lacking; an empty space: a blank in one's memory.

  2. a space in a printed form, test, etc., to be filled in: Write your name in the blank.

  1. a printed form containing such spaces: Have you filled out one of these blanks?

  2. a dash put in place of an omitted letter, series of letters, etc., especially to avoid writing a word considered profane or obscene.

  3. Metalworking. a piece of metal ready to be drawn, pressed, or machined into a finished object.

  4. Archery. the bull's-eye.

  5. the object toward which anything is directed; aim; target.

verb (used with object)
  1. to cross out or delete, especially in order to invalidate or void (usually followed by out): to blank out an entry.

  2. Informal. to keep (an opponent) from scoring in a game.

  1. Metalworking. to stamp or punch out of flat stock, as with a die.

Idioms about blank

  1. draw a blank,

    • to fail in an attempt; be unsuccessful: We've drawn a blank in the investigation.

    • to fail to comprehend or be unable to recollect: He asked me their phone number and I drew a blank.

Origin of blank

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English (noun and adjective) from Anglo-French, French blanc; adjective from Germanic; compare Old English blanca “white horse,” Old High German blanch “bright, white” (German blank )

synonym study For blank

1-4. See empty.

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Other words from blank

  • blankness, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for blank


/ (blæŋk) /

  1. (of a writing surface) bearing no marks; not written on

  2. (of a form, etc) with spaces left for details to be filled in

  1. without ornament or break; unrelieved: a blank wall

  2. not filled in; empty; void: a blank space

  3. exhibiting no interest or expression: a blank look

  4. lacking understanding; confused: he looked blank even after the explanations

  5. absolute; complete: blank rejection

  6. devoid of ideas or inspiration: his mind went blank in the exam

  7. unproductive; barren

  1. an emptiness; void; blank space

  2. an empty space for writing in, as on a printed form

  1. a printed form containing such empty spaces

  2. something characterized by incomprehension or mental confusion: my mind went a complete blank

  3. a mark, often a dash, in place of a word, esp a taboo word

  4. short for blank cartridge

  5. a plate or plug used to seal an aperture

  6. a piece of material prepared for stamping, punching, forging, etc

  7. archery the white spot in the centre of a target

  8. draw a blank

    • to choose a lottery ticket that fails to win

    • to get no results from something

  1. (usually foll by out) to cross out, blot, or obscure

  2. slang to ignore or be unresponsive towards (someone): the crowd blanked her for the first four numbers

  1. to forge, stamp, punch, or cut (a piece of material) in preparation for forging, die-stamping, or drawing operations

  2. (often foll by off) to seal (an aperture) with a plate or plug

  3. US and Canadian informal to prevent (an opponent) from scoring in a game

Origin of blank

C15: from Old French blanc white, of Germanic origin; related to Old English blanca a white horse

Derived forms of blank

  • blankly, adverb
  • blankness, noun

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  • blank check

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  • draw a blank
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