[ blangk-book for 1; blangk-book for 2 ]
/ ˈblæŋkˈbʊk for 1; ˈblæŋkˌbʊk for 2 /
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a book containing blank pages, as a notebook or sketchbook.
a book or pad of blank forms, as printed blanks for receipts or reports.



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On the farm, the feed for chicks is significantly different from the roosters’; ______ not even comparable.

Origin of blankbook

An Americanism dating back to 1705–15; blank + book
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  • Mr. Fenelby wrote it in his blankbook, at the top of the first blank page.

    The Cheerful Smugglers|Ellis Parker Butler
  • She had no scissors, but tore them roughly out of paper which she took from her blankbook.

    Marjorie's Busy Days|Carolyn Wells
  • It was a small blankbook about six inches long and four inches wide, well bound in leather and thoroughly water-soaked.

    Eleven Possible Cases|Frank R. Stockton
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