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  1. Also called pip. Electronics.

    • a spot of light on a radar screen indicating the position of a plane, submarine, or other object.

    • (loosely) any small spot of light on a display screen.

  2. a brief upturn, as in revenue or income: The midwinter blip was no cause for optimism among store owners.

  1. anything small, as in amount or number: a blip of light; Those opposed were merely a blip in the opinion polls.

  2. Slang. a nickel; five cents.

  3. Movies. a mark of synchronization on a sound track.

  4. a small or brief interruption, as in the continuity of a motion-picture film or the supply of light or electricity: There were blips in the TV film where the commercials had been edited out.

verb (used without object),blipped, blip·ping.
  1. Informal. to move or proceed in short, irregular, jerking movements: The stock market has blipped one point higher this week.

verb (used with object),blipped, blip·ping.

Origin of blip

1890–95, for an earlier sense; sound symbolism, with p for brevity and abrupt end of the impulse; bl- perhaps from blink

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/ (blɪp) /

  1. a repetitive sound, such as that produced by an electronic device, by dripping water, etc

  2. Also called: pip the spot of light or a sharply peaked pulse on a radar screen indicating the position of an object

  1. a temporary irregularity recorded in performance of something

verbblips, blipping or blipped
  1. (intr) to produce such a noise

Origin of blip

C20: of imitative origin

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