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[ bluhd-steynd ]


  1. stained with blood:

    a bloodstained knife.

  2. guilty of murder, slaughter, or bloodshed.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bloodstained1

1590–1600; blood + stained; stain, -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Take, for instance, a digitally altered image tweeted out last year by a fiery diplomat depicting an Australian soldier holding a bloodstained knife to a child’s throat.

From Quartz

She wore a wig with red Afro puffs, an army-green tactical vest and fake bloodstained bandage.

His bandaged leg rests, slightly elevated, on a bloodstained cushion borrowed from a couch.

The Governor, on the other hand, had led us to believe he wanted to put his bloodstained past behind him.

They also found a bloodstained length of lead pipe wrapped in surgical plaster.

Our Jackie is embodied forever in that bloodstained pink suit.

Davidson saw the bloodstained seat of her car and the skid marks where her car had gone off the road.

I do not know how long it lasted; but presently, as I may testify, I saw Orme rise and kick at the wetted, bloodstained blanket.

They made haste to reach the shore and left six bloodstained British sailors to take their boat in triumph to Detroit.

You cannot always believe tears: even Joseph's brothers wept as they brought to Jacob the bloodstained shirt.

I was released from the spell of that bloodstained black body all mixed up with grey-black mud.

The clotted blood refers to the bloodstained leaves upon which the fallen game has lain.


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