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  1. Informal. an embarrassing mistake, as one spoken over the radio or TV.
  2. Radio. a receiving set that generates from its antenna radio-frequency signals that interfere with other nearby receivers.
  3. Also bloop. Baseball.
    1. Also called looper.a fly ball that carries just beyond the infield.
    2. a pitched ball with backspin, describing a high arc in flight.

Origin of blooper

1925–30; bloop + -er1, orig. in reference to a radio receiver that emits bloops

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  1. informal, mainly US and Canadian a blunder; bloomer; stupid mistake

Word Origin for blooper

C20: from bloop (imitative of an embarrassing sound) + -er 1
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Word Origin and History for blooper

"blunder," 1943, apparently first in theater, from American English baseball slang meaning "a fly ball in a high arc missed by the fielder" (1937) or else from the earlier sense "radio receiver that interferes with nearby sets" when a careless operator throws it into oscillation (1926), in which case it imitates the resulting sound.

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