blue-sky thinking


  1. creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs


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More About Blue-Sky Thinking

What is blue-sky thinking?

Blue-sky thinking refers to ideas that are not limited by the current beliefs or norms of a group or society.

Blue-sky thinking can be ideas that are creative or whimsical and maybe even bizarre. Such thinking might lead to just the solution you need. Or it might lead to something that doesn’t work at all. Because blue-sky thinking results in ideas so different from ideas built on common beliefs or experience, you won’t know the outcome until you try them. Blue-sky thinking can be an important part of coming up with something new and unconventional.

Blue-sky thinking might also be described as thinking outside the box, especially in business. 

Example: We’ve been so focused on balancing the budget that we haven’t had time for any blue-sky thinking.

Where does blue-sky thinking come from?

The first records of the term blue-sky thinking are unknown. It combines the term blue-sky, meaning “fanciful or impractical,” with thinking, meaning “thought or judgment.

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How is blue-sky thinking used in real life?

Blue-sky thinking is used to describe thinking that may be impractical, unconventional, or inspirational.


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Is blue-sky thinking used correctly in the following sentence?

“Since our usual solutions aren’t working, it’s time for some blue-sky thinking.”




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