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[boh-ee-thee-uh s]
  1. A·ni·ci·us Man·li·us Sev·e·ri·nus [uh-nish-ee-uh s man-lee-uh s sev-uh-rahy-nuh s] /əˈnɪʃ i əs ˈmæn li əs ˌsɛv əˈraɪ nəs/, a.d. 475?–525?, Roman philosopher and statesman.
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Also Bo·e·tius [boh-ee-shuh s] /boʊˈi ʃəs/.
Also called Boece.
Related formsBo·e·thi·an, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Fragments of this work are preserved to us, chiefly in Stobaeus, a few in Boethius and other writers.



  • As to the fourth question, Did Boethius probably know the numerals?

    The Hindu-Arabic Numerals

    David Eugene Smith

  • And, this being so, we may safely conclude that they were not taken from Boethius directly.

  • I think it certain that this early Tale is quite independent of Boethius.

  • Thynne's edition of Chaucer, printed in 1532, contains Boethius.

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  1. Anicius Manlius Severinus (əˈnɪsɪəs ˈmænlɪəs ˌsɛvəˈraɪnəs). ?480–?524 ad, Roman philosopher and statesman, noted particularly for his work De Consolatione Philosophiae . He was accused of treason and executed by Theodoric
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