boil away

  1. (adverb) to cause (liquid) to evaporate completely by boiling or (of liquid) to evaporate completely

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How to use boil away in a sentence

  • So he shut his lips firmly and let the squire and the colonel boil away as best they might between themselves.

    The Rival Campers | Ruel Perley Smith
  • If all the water were allowed to boil away, a layer of mud or of other impurities would be found at the bottom of the vessel.

    General Science | Bertha M. Clark
  • Now add sufficient water to enable you to boil them, and let the water boil away till very little is left.

  • Truth, law, and language fairly boil away from them at the least touch of novel fact.

    Pragmatism | William James
  • Add more water should it boil away or the soup get too thick.