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[ bohld-nis ]


  1. lack of hesitation or fear in the face of risk or danger; courage:

    Some members of the LGBTQ community have been murdered because of their boldness in living as their true selves and not as society tried to force them to live.

  2. refusal to be held back by the opinion or judgment of others:

    I admire your boldness in standing up on this issue; thank you for your candid words.

  3. lack of regard for the rules of propriety or morality; impudence or brazenness:

    In the early 20th century many people were shocked at the boldness and sexual innuendos that emerged in song.

  4. the fact or quality of going beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; visionary or imaginative character:

    With boldness, leadership, and determination, we are leveraging today's successes into a smarter city for all of our residents.

  5. the quality of being visually striking, arresting, flashy, etc.:

    If you are someone who is generally perceived as meek and mild, then a little boldness in your wardrobe and your makeup would revamp your look.

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Other Words From

  • o·ver·bold·ness noun
  • su·per·bold·ness noun
  • un·bold·ness noun
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Example Sentences

Our portfolio included five “bold bet” picks, companies with higher-risk profiles.

From Fortune

We take the bold move to flag it, label it so that people have the appropriate context that this is indeed an example of a violation, so people can look at that content in light of that understanding.

These companies are taking increasingly bold measures to ban certain kinds of fake news and extremist groups, and they’re using technology to filter out misinformation before humans can see it.

There has been kind of a quiet, but not very bold conversation on the Republican side about some sort of price on carbon — or some sort of action around trying to remove carbon from the atmosphere — which is a big discussion.

From Digiday

Bring the drama with these seven bold lip hues from some of your beauty faves like YSL Beauty, Smashbox, MAC and Maybelline.

Yes, the gun:  “While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind.”

They need to emulate the boldness with which the leading pay TV networks have sabotaged genre recipes.

The anonymity of the Internet, however, gives the curious a new kind of boldness.

“The boldness of the fraud,” Judge Barbara Jones wrote in her decision, proved Bartiromo knew that what he was doing was wrong.

Appropriately enough, the Basin family crest bears the motto “boldness and inspiration.”

Her success increased her confidence in herself and enhanced the boldness and freedom with which she handled her brush.

His neck looked as powerful as a bull's, and his rather small head was poised upon it with a sort of triumphant boldness.

It required peculiar boldness, at that hour, to accuse Robespierre and Danton of crime.

And wondering at her boldness, she added, I know and feel that you love meyour eyes confirmed your love before you spoke.

For seven years he led an unsettled life, attracting attention everywhere by his talents and the boldness of his teaching.