[ kur-ij, kuhr- ]
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  1. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

  2. Obsolete. the heart as the source of emotion.

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Idioms about courage

  1. have the courage of one's convictions, to act in accordance with one's beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.

Origin of courage

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English corage, from Old French, equivalent to cuer “heart” (from Latin cor; cf. heart) + -age -age

synonym study For courage

1. Courage, bravery, valor, bravado refer to qualities of spirit and conduct. Courage permits one to face extreme dangers and difficulties without fear: to take (or lose) courage. Bravery implies true courage with daring and an intrepid boldness: bravery in a battle. Valor implies heroic courage: valor in fighting for the right. Bravado is now usually a boastful and ostentatious pretense of courage or bravery: empty bravado.

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British Dictionary definitions for courage


/ (ˈkʌrɪdʒ) /

  1. the power or quality of dealing with or facing danger, fear, pain, etc

  2. the courage of one's convictions the confidence to act in accordance with one's beliefs

  1. take one's courage in both hands to nerve oneself to perform an action

  2. obsolete mind; disposition; spirit

Origin of courage

C13: from Old French corage, from cuer heart, from Latin cor

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  • courage of one's convictions, have the

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