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[ val-er ]


  1. boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery:

    a medal for valor.

    Synonyms: intrepidity, spirit

    Antonyms: cowardice

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Word History and Origins

Origin of valor1

1350–1400; Middle English valo ( u ) r < Anglo-French; Middle French valeur < Late Latin valōr-, stem of valor worth, equivalent to Latin val ( ēre ) to be of worth + -or -or 1

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Idioms and Phrases

see discretion is the better part of valor .

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Synonym Study

See courage.

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Example Sentences

For your valor will be on the increase, but our energy is already running out.

War, which is always messy, brutal and chaotic, is represented by a scene of individual valor, which is an important but limited truth.

No doubt there is plenty more they could say, if they chose, but for the Californian Royals, discretion now may be the more lucrative part of valor.

Even the valor of tragedy is denied to Daisy, “a woman born with a voice that lacks a tragic register.”

The founder of Valor por Tamaulipas disputes this version of events and has characterized it as disinformation.

Understandably the narcos wanted to know the real identities of Felina and her compañeros at Valor por Tamaulipas.

The founder of Valor por Tamaulipas confirmed that the photos are of Felina.

Ground war remained, inevitably, a place of high sacrifice as well as valor.

De Valor resumed it, when he raised the rebel standard on the Alpuxara mountains.

He distinguished himself by his valor against the Saracens, under Charlemagne.

This battle lasted four hours; the Spaniards performed prodigies of valor, and were victorious.

To the arts of the politician he added the valor of the warrior, and exterminated the Saracens who invaded Italy.

Thus Arnold, though defeated, gained by his valor the fruit of victory, for the British gave up their plan of holding the lake.


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