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[buh-liv-ee-ah-noh, boh-; Spanish baw-lee-vyah-naw]
noun, plural bo·li·via·nos [buh-liv-ee-ah-nohz; Spanish baw-lee-vyah-naws] /bəˌlɪv iˈɑ noʊz; Spanish ˌbɔ liˈvyɑ nɔs/.
  1. a former silver or bronze coin, paper money, and monetary unit of Bolivia, equal to 100 centavos: replaced by the peso boliviano in 1963.
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Origin of boliviano

From Spanish, dating back to 1870–75; see origin at Bolivia, -an
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British Dictionary definitions for boliviano


noun plural -nos (-nəʊz, Spanish -nos)
  1. (until 1963 and from 1987) the standard monetary unit of Bolivia, equal to 100 centavos
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