[ bohnd ]


  1. having a particular kind of bone or bony structure (used in combination):

    beautifully boned; raw-boned; small-boned.

  2. having the bones taken out; cooked or served with the bones removed:

    boned chicken; boned veal.

  3. braced or supported with stays, as a corset.
  4. fertilized with bone:

    boned land.

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Other Words From

  • well-boned adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of boned1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; bone, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The further forward bare-boned science goes, however, the more forceful the counter- response.

With her cascade of red, twirling hair and pale, fine-boned face.

And so we were off again, discussing cutting style, Christmas dinner, and boned versus unboned hams.

Redundancy in general remains an issue for Wolcott: “white-boned,” “pale-moon,” “bulk-sized,” “streaming cataract,” “forlorn rue.”

Lulu also uses tapenade to stuff a boned leg of lamb and to accompany grilled fish and roasts.

This problem was solved by a native coming along driving a raw-boned horse before a rickety wagon.

Many of the horses were sleek, glossy, and fine-limbed, like racers; others were strong-boned and rough.

He had a square, rigid-boned face, and deep-set dark grey eyes, and a good head of black hair threaded with silver.

The non-commissioned officer was a tall Kentuckian, over six feet high, lank and raw-boned.

The low-ceiled dining-room suddenly shrank about the big-boned, long legged hill man.





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