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[ book-kee-ping ]


  1. the work or skill of keeping keeping account books or systematic records of money transactions ( accounting ).

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Other Words From

  • bookkeeper noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bookkeeping1

First recorded in 1680–90; book + keeping

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Example Sentences

Van Zant’s management and consulting company also assisted A3 with much of its bookkeeping.

Over the past few years, my boss has repeatedly tried to have me expense larger purchases, recently as much as $1,500, using my own credit card — presumably to simplify bookkeeping.

The startup offers its clients services such as automated accounts, payment gateway, credit cards, automated bookkeeping, cash flow management and tax and compliance management solutions.

In fact, county auditors found Volunteers of America Southwest’s bookkeeping to be so flawed that they couldn’t gain “reasonable assurance” that a huge portion of the money had been spent as claimed.

Titles like Gloomhaven have complex characters that require a lot of bookkeeping.

His shady bookkeeping and greed came at the worst possible time for a struggling city.

He had been referred to M. Joyeuse by an honest fellow of his acquaintance, old Passajon, to take lessons in bookkeeping.

It proves to be after all a matter of bookkeeping,—technical differences, which were reconciled readily enough.

Power, unaccustomed as yet to the methods of financial bookkeeping, turned to the latest column, and saw a row of figures.

Of course when the farm business becomes very large and intricate, an elaborate system of bookkeeping is necessary.

It is the most admirable system of bookkeeping that ever was devised.





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