[ boo-mer ]


  1. a period of sudden and decisive economic growth:

    July was a boomer for the retail trade.

  2. a person who settles in areas or towns that are undergoing a period of rapid economic or population growth:

    He was among the first boomers to settle in the town when it began to grow.

  3. Informal. a person, fad, etc., that enjoys a brief popularity or financial success:

    This season's hit album turned the group into a boomer.

  4. a person or thing that booms:

    These speakers are real boomers with an amazing balance of bass to treble.

  5. an enthusiastic supporter; booster:

    The boomers tell us our town can double its size.

  6. Australian. a fully grown male kangaroo, especially a large one.
  7. Navy Slang. a submarine that can fire intercontinental ballistic missiles and especially those equipped with a nuclear warhead.
  8. Informal: Older Use. a wandering or migratory worker; hobo.


/ ˈbuːmə /


  1. a large male kangaroo
  2. informal.
    anything exceptionally large

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Word History and Origins

Origin of boomer1

First recorded in 1820–30; 1975–80 boomer fordef 1; boom 1 + -er 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of boomer1

from English dialect

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Example Sentences

Even before the pandemic, the staffing company Adecco estimated that as many as 31 million jobs would be left open by retiring baby boomers.

Although the story about how younger generations have no use for their boomer parents’ stuff has been well-documented, my lack of progress has nothing to do with dining room tables with seating for 12 or display cabinets.

I can’t imagine baby boomer parents getting much out of it, and that’s fine.

From Time

In 2020, the pandemic made some boomers think of retiring earlier, reducing their wine purchases and drinking from their cellars, the report said.

Baby boomers and Gen Xers, the most likely theatrical holdouts, are now committed binge-aholics.

Still4Hill, who described her age as “baby boomer,” said it was the 2008 campaign that sparked her devotion.

After hometown favorite Boomer Banks is crowned Mr. International Escort 2014, BPM clears out.

Technically, Ramis was not a Baby Boomer, having been born in 1944.

We are two Democrats, one of us a baby boomer and the other a millennial.

His views mirrored theirs, but they were purer, less Boomer-indulgent.

Whether he is or whether he is not a wine boomer would not ordinarily be a query of agitating importance.

Holding the light over his head he peered forth into the inky darkness surrounding the boomer's temporary camp.

"Something is wrong around here, Jack," he continued, and told the boomer of what had happened up at the Devil's Chimney.

Listening with strained ears, the boomer heard the deadly thing sliding slowly from rock to rock, coming closer at every movement.

Both Pawnee Brown and Dick did as requested, and the cowboy boomer began to haul in with all the strength at his command.


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