[ boh-ling ]
/ ˈboʊ lɪŋ /
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any of several games in which players standing at one end of an alley or green roll balls at standing objects or toward a mark at the other end, especially a game in which a heavy ball is rolled from one end of a wooden alley at wooden pins set up at the opposite end.Compare boccie, candlepins (def. 2), duckpins (def. 2), lawn bowling, ninepins (def. 1), tenpins (def. 1).
the game of bowls; lawn bowling.
an act or instance of playing or participating in any such game: Bowling is a pleasant way to exercise.
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Origin of bowling

First recorded in 1525–35; bowl2 + -ing1
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How to use bowling in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for bowling

/ (ˈbəʊlɪŋ) /

any of various games in which a heavy ball is rolled down a special alley, usually made of wood, at a group of wooden pins, esp the games of tenpin bowling (tenpins) and skittles (ninepins)
the game of bowls
cricket the act of delivering the ball to the batsman
(modifier) of or relating to bowls or bowlinga bowling team
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