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  1. Marks — [ ] — resembling parentheses with square corners. Brackets are often used within quotations to distinguish between the quoter's own words and those of the writer being quoted: “He [the president] made a memorable speech at Gettysburg.”

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Example Sentences

The entire process of preplanning and printing the hand, brackets, and cuffs takes just over a day.

Your cubicle mates pouring over their brackets with all of the serious intent and fevered diligence of Talmudic scholars.

Do you fill out one bracket or different brackets for each pool?

Devotees across the country are tuning in each way to check the rose distribution against their carefully crafted brackets.

Mercier just provides the two metal brackets, and it's up to their buyer to supply the rolls of carpet for seat and back.

On the ground near the flattened tire lay a new one, just taken out of the brackets that had supported it.

The walls were graced by a few pictures and portraits, and on the brackets of walnut and mahogany were vases of wild-flowers.

When searching the "junk" box I found some little metal brackets such as used for holding spring roller shades.

Nor could they believe their eyes either when they got it in writing, words first, and the figures in brackets afterwards.

Some very fine foliated brackets can be seen in the arch between this chapel and the choir aisle.


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