/ ˌbræɡəˈdəʊʃəs /


  1. informal.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of braggadocious1

C20: from braggadocio


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More About Braggadocious

What does braggadocious  mean?

Braggadocious is an adjective used to describe a person who is boastful or something that involves a lot of bragging.

Brag and boast mean just about the same thing: to speak about oneself and one’s accomplishments with excessive pride, especially in an exaggerated way. The word braggadocious is usually applied in a negative way.

Example: Jimmy’s frequent braggadocious displays left him without many friends, since everyone got tired of listening to his constant self-praise.

Where does braggadocious come from?

The word braggadocious is based on the noun braggadocio, which means “empty bragging” or “a boastful or proud person.” Braggadocio is derived from the name Braggadocchio, a boastful character in Edmund Spenser‘s epic poem The Faerie Queene, published in 1590. Braggadocious appeared much later—its first recorded use comes from the 1850s. It was originally an American word and is still primarily used in the United States.

A person who’s braggadocious isn’t just egotistical or arrogant. They’re egotistical and arrogant and they prove it by constantly bragging about how good they are at something or about their achievements. Their boasts are often about pointless or unimportant things, or small accomplishments that they exaggerate into bigger ones. Usually, when someone is described as braggadocious, their entire personality seems based around boasting.

Braggadocious is usually used negatively, but sometimes it’s used in a way that’s more neutrally descriptive. For instance, the lyrics of certain rap artists are often braggadocious because part of hip-hop culture is finding the most creative way to brag about being rich and famous, especially in the context of having overcome poverty.

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How is braggadocious used in real life?

Braggadocious is most often used to describe people whose entire lives seem to revolve around bragging—perhaps especially when they don’t have much to brag about.



Try using braggadocious!

Which of the following people is most likely to be described as braggadocious?

A. A person who doesn’t gloat about a high grade on an exam
B. A person who anonymously donates money to a fundraiser
C. A person who speaks modestly about getting into graduate school
D. A person who boasts for months about winning a competition