[ bohst-fuhl ]
/ ˈboʊst fəl /
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given to or characterized by boasting.
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Origin of boastful

First recorded in 1275–1325, boastful is from the Middle English word bostful.See boast1, -ful


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What does boastful mean?

Boastful is used to describe someone who is known for boastingbragging, especially in a way that exaggerates or shows excessive pride about the boaster’s skills, possessions, or accomplishments.

Boastful is especially used to describe a person who boasts all the time. It can also be used to describe such claims, as in He made boastful claims about all of the awards he had won.

Boastful people most often boast about themselves—their skills, their possessions, or the things that they have accomplished—but a person can also be boastful about someone else. A parent might be boastful about their child’s accomplishments, for example.

Example: No one has ever actually seen him perform, but that doesn’t stop him from being boastful about how good he is.

Where does boastful come from?

The first records of the word boastful come from around 1300. Its base word, boast, comes from the Middle English bosten, but its ultimate origin is uncertain.

People who are described as boastful are often trying to make their accomplishments or skills seem greater than they actually are. But this isn’t always the case—a person’s boasts may be true. Still, saying that a person is boastful usually means that they are thought to lack humility—that they are too prideful.

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What are some other forms related to boastful?

  • boastfully (adverb)
  • boastfulness (noun)
  • boast (verb)

What are some synonyms for boastful?

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How is boastful used in real life?

Boastful is almost always used in a negative way to criticize a person for bragging too much.

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Which of the following words could be used to describe someone who is known for being boastful?

A. braggadocious

B. prideful

C. conceited

D. all of the above

How to use boastful in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for boastful

/ (ˈbəʊstfʊl) /

tending to boast; characterized by boasting

Derived forms of boastful

boastfully, adverbboastfulness, noun
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