[ bredth, bretth, breth ]
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  1. the measure of the second largest dimension of a plane or solid figure; width.

  2. an extent or piece of something of definite or full width or as measured by its width: a breadth of cloth.

  1. freedom from narrowness or restraint; liberality: a person with great breadth of view.

  2. size in general; extent.

  3. Art. a broad or general effect due to subordination of details or nonessentials.

Origin of breadth

1515–25; earlier bredeth, equivalent to brede breadth (Middle English; Old English brǣdu, equivalent to brǣd-, mutated variant of brād broad +-u noun suffix) + -th1 akin to German Breite, Gothic braidei

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  • breadthless, adjective

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/ (brɛdθ, brɛtθ) /

  1. the linear extent or measurement of something from side to side; width

  2. a piece of fabric having a standard or definite width

  1. distance, extent, size, or dimension

  2. openness and lack of restriction, esp of viewpoint or interest; liberality

Origin of breadth

C16: from obsolete brēde (from Old English brǣdu, from brād broad) + -th 1; related to Gothic braidei, Old High German breitī

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