[ brook-lin ]


  1. a borough of New York City, on W Long Island. 76.4 sq. mi. (198 sq. km).
  2. a city in NE Ohio.


/ ˈbrʊklɪn /


  1. a borough of New York City, on the SW end of Long Island. Pop: 2 465 326 (2000)


  1. One of the five boroughs that make up New York City .

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It is noted for the special “Brooklyn accent” of its inhabitants.
The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn with Manhattan .

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Other Words From

  • Brook·lyn·ite [brook, -l, uh, -nahyt], noun

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Example Sentences

Carol Klein was born in Brooklyn in 1942 to supportive parents who encouraged her creative and professional drive.

As a single person living in a small Brooklyn apartment, it’s been easy to get lost in my work and not know how to set boundaries.

From Quartz

They thought she was an “old spinster” until they sorted through the possessions in her Brooklyn apartment after she died.

From Time

The Nephilim of N’awlins is the voice of the Grammy-nominated band, Tank and the Bangas, and in 2017 they gathered in Brooklyn for a free performance during the lunchtime rush hour.

Sandara grew up in Northern Virginia and now lives in Brooklyn, but much of her “Dislodging the Legacy” addresses Laos’s reported status as the most heavily bombed country in the world.

Jennie Jerome, who went on to become Lady Randolph Churchill, was born in Brooklyn in 1854.

His most recent assignment was the 84th Precinct, at the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The same night the “dead cops” chant was recorded, two police officers were attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Not only does his mom live in Brooklyn, but he also has a child with a woman there.

He swiped one of them to get from midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn.

The boats were nearer to the cruiser than they appeared to be, and a few minutes after this talk they were alongside the Brooklyn.

Still Young Glory waved the torch, hoping it might be seen by those on the cruiser Brooklyn.

The officers of the Brooklyn who had drawn close to listen, were loud in their expressions of indignation.

It was not long before the captains of the Nashville and the Brooklyn were exchanging compliments.

She evidently recognized the Brooklyn, for she flew the Stars and Stripes in a very short time.


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