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verb (used with object), brut·ed, brut·ing.
  1. to shape (a diamond) by rubbing with another diamond or a diamond chip.
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Origin of brute2

back formation from bruting a rough hewing (of a diamond), partial translation of French brutage literally, a roughing, equivalent to brut rough, raw (see brute1) + -age -age
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Historical Examples

  • The rumor hereof was bruted throughout the Citie, and euery man resorted thither to see it.

    The Palace of Pleasure

    William Painter

  • It was also bruted, that his bodie was buried in the monasterie of saint Andrewes of the Cisteaux order.

  • At their comming towards Canturburie (as it was bruted) the duke should haue béene murthered, The enuie of the Flemings.

British Dictionary definitions for bruted


    1. any animal except man; beast; lower animal
    2. (as modifier)brute nature
  1. a brutal person
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adjective (prenominal)
  1. wholly instinctive or physical (esp in the phrases brute strength, brute force)
  2. without reason or intelligence
  3. coarse and grossly sensual
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Word Origin

C15: from Latin brūtus heavy, irrational; related to gravis heavy
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Word Origin and History for bruted



early 15c., "of or belonging to animals," from Middle French brut "coarse, brutal, raw, crude," from Latin brutus "heavy, dull, stupid," an Oscan word, from PIE root *gwere- "heavy" (see grave (adj.)). Before reaching English the meaning expanded to "of the lower animals." Used of human beings from 1530s.

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1610s, from brute (adj.).

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