[ buhk-uhl ]
/ ˈbʌk əl /
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adjective Anatomy.
of or relating to the cheek.
pertaining to the sides of the mouth or to the mouth; oral.
Dentistry. directed toward the cheek.Compare distal (def. 2), mesial (def. 2).
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Origin of buccal

First recorded in 1825–35; from New Latin buccālis, equivalent to Latin bucca “cheek, mouth” + -ālis adjective suffix; see origin at bucco-, -al1


buc·cal·ly, adverbpost·buc·cal, adjectivepre·buc·cal, adjective
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What does buccal mean?

Buccal means relating to or located in the cheeks. It can also mean relating to or located on the sides of the mouth or in the mouth.

Buccal is a technical anatomical term used in the context of medicine. When it means located in the mouth, buccal is synonymous with oral, which is a much more common term.

Buccal is used in anatomical terms like buccal cavity, buccal gland, and buccal nerve.

Example: Buccal fat pads fill the hollow area in the cheeks.

Where does buccal come from?

The first records of buccal in English come from around the 1820s. It’s derived from the Latin bucca, meaning “cheek.”

The masses of fat and muscle that we call cheeks are contained in a pocket of space on our face called the buccal space. The buccal space has an impact on a lot of things, notably the shape of our face and our chewing.

You may have had the inside of your mouth swabbed to obtain a sample for medical testing purposes—this is called buccal swab. A buccal medication is one that you let dissolve between your cheek and your gums (as opposed to one that you dissolve on or under your tongue).

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What are some other forms related to buccal?

  • buccally (adverb)
  • postbuccal (adjective)
  • prebuccal (adjective)

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How is buccal used in real life?

Buccal is a technical word, so it’s mainly used in the context of medicine by medical professionals like doctors and dentists.

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A. oral
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C. mouth
D. chest

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British Dictionary definitions for buccal

/ (ˈbʌkəl) /

of or relating to the cheek
of or relating to the mouth; oralbuccal lesion

Word Origin for buccal

C19: from Latin bucca cheek
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Medical definitions for buccal

[ bŭkəl ]

Of, relating to, adjacent to, or in the direction of the cheek.
Of or relating to the mouth cavity.
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