[ buhk-ler ]
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  1. a round shield held by a grip and sometimes having straps through which the arm is passed.

  2. any means of defense; protection.

verb (used with object)
  1. to be a shield to; support; defend.

Origin of buckler

1250–1300; Middle English bokeler<Anglo-French, Middle French bocler, equivalent to bocleboss2 + -er-er2

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How to use buckler in a sentence

  • The buckler on the shoulders is formed of five or six rows, each composed of large quadrangular pieces.

    Buffon's Natural History. Volume VII (of 10) | Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon
  • In other places the rock was damasked like a Saracen buckler, or engraved like a Florentine vase.

    Toilers of the Sea | Victor Hugo
  • It was for no lucre of gain I took you and your swash-buckler, your Don Diego yonder, under my poor roof.

    The Fortunes of Nigel | Sir Walter Scott
  • Here were poor innocent working men, and here was this bloodthirsty swash-buckler inciting their own brothers to slay them.

  • Well, one is a buckler against the other: I don't say with lovely Amy May,—with an honourable woman.

British Dictionary definitions for buckler


/ (ˈbʌklə) /

  1. a small round shield worn on the forearm or held by a short handle

  2. a means of protection; defence

  1. (tr) archaic to defend

Origin of buckler

C13: from Old French bocler, from bocle shield boss; see buckle, boss ²

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