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[ boo-eed, boid ]


  1. Nautical. marked with buoys, or distinctively marked floats:

    A buoyed channel guides ships into the inner lagoon.

    Swimming and snorkeling are restricted to the buoyed swimming area.

  2. Nautical. made to float or rise in water by means of attached buoys or floats:

    To haul a trap, the lobsterman catches hold of the buoyed trap line with a gaff hook and hauls it up by hand.

  3. sustained, encouraged, or supported:

    A buoyed Scotland team began the second half with renewed optimism.

    Following the win, the buoyed opposition leader attacked the chief minister, saying he should immediately tender his resignation.

  4. enhanced or increased:

    Boston is really on a roll in 2017, with the greatest football team in the world, a buoyed economy, and packed streets and hotels.

    Despite buoyed expectations, experts nevertheless admit that the country is still lacking the means to fully realize its ambitious goals.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of buoy ( def ).
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  • un·bu·oyed adjective
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Example Sentences

In findings published online December 3 in Scientific Reports, the team found that only four of the buoys came within 20 kilometers of any of the Ryukyu Islands, and these did so only as a result of typhoons and other adverse weather.

Last year, buoyed by his 2012 reelection, Obama dismissed the notion of schmoozing with his Republican tormentors on Capitol Hill.

That case was buoyed by a federal investigation into how Cuomo conducted a commission he created to root out Albany corruption.

Cuomo in turn was buoyed by big margins in New York City and its surrounding suburbs.

But by 1928, he was ready to get back into the fray, buoyed by supporters in and out of the media.

Zaharchenko on Friday night projected defiance rather than bravado, no doubt buoyed by the Moscow-sent materiel and fighters.

The excitement had buoyed her up, but now that the suspense was past, Val was utterly worn out.

The yacht buoyed by the numerous casks and lifted by the tackle, had, indeed, hung on bottom only for a moment.

She was buoyed up by her dress, and floated down the stream.

A few moments later she hurried away, buoyed up by the thought that she was not only to see her lover but to serve him.

How the heart leaps and grows large in its reach toward the altitude of Boundless Love, if only it be buoyed with faith!





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