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[ bur-juh-ning ]


  1. growing or developing quickly:

    The company was criticized for not doing more to pare down its burgeoning debt.

  2. (of a plant) putting forth buds, flowers, shoots, etc.:

    The overcast sky was more than made up for by the brilliant purple blossoms of the burgeoning jacaranda trees.

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Example Sentences

A byproduct of this burgeoning of the power of the nation state is the further rise of nationalism itself.

From Time

Such is her burgeoning popularity Toomey is looking to employ more instructors to lead her highly personalized exercise classes.

For the aficionado or the neophyte, Comics is a useful overview of a richly creative period in a burgeoning art.

The popularity of anime tales featuring man-on-man passion is burgeoning among Japanese women.

But just what is driving such an exciting, burgeoning expansion of hip-hop?

Because the former commissioner at the center of the “newly re-burgeoning” IRS “scandal” is clearly a clairvoyant.

The songs of the birds came glad and multitudinous as in the burgeoning dawn of a glorious day.

There was another force, subtle and exacting: the girl's burgeoning womanhood.

The wildly burgeoning life of Khatka had surrounded the off-worlders since they had come here.

They came back of their own accord to offer themselves rich with all the consequences of their secret burgeoning.

All about, in nature and in human kind, she felt the spring burgeoning, and within herself she felt it most of all.