[bur-luh-dair-oh, boo r-; Spanish boor-lah-th e-raw]
noun, plural bur·la·de·ros [bur-luh-dair-ohz, boo r-; Spanish boor-lah-th e-raws] /ˌbɜr ləˈdɛər oʊz, ˌbʊər-; Spanish ˌbur lɑˈðɛ rɔs/.
  1. a wooden panel, located a short distance from and parallel to the bullring wall, behind which a bullfighter can seek protection from a bull.

Origin of burladero

1935–40; < Spanish, equivalent to burlad(o), past participle of burlar to scoff at, ridicule (derivative of burla ridicule, joke, perhaps < Late Latin burra trifle, literally, wool, fluff) + -eroLatin -ārium -ary
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