[ buhs-ter ]
/ ˈbʌs tər /

noun Informal.

a person who breaks up something: crime busters.
something that is very big or unusual for its kind.
a loud, uproarious reveler.
a frolic; spree.
(initial capital letter) (used as a familiar term of address to a man or boy who is an object to the speaker's annoyance or anger): Look, Buster, you're standing in my way!

Origin of buster

An Americanism dating back to 1825–35; bust2 + -er1

Definition for buster (2 of 2)

[ buhs-ter ]
/ ˈbʌs tər /


a male given name.
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British Dictionary definitions for buster

/ (ˈbʌstə) /

noun slang

(in combination) a person or thing destroying something as specifieddambuster
US and Canadian a term of address for a boy or man
US and Canadian a person who breaks horses
mainly US and Canadian a spree, esp a drinking bout
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