button quail

or but·ton·quail

[ buht-n kweyl ]
/ ˈbʌt n ˌkweɪl /
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any of several small, drab, terrestrial birds of the family Turnicidae, with all but one species in the genus Turnix and well distributed in the grasslands of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe: named for their resemblance to Old World true quails, the button quails belong to a different order (Charadriiformes) and are distinct in having neither a hind toe nor a crop.
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Also called hemipode .

Origin of button quail

First recorded in 1880–85
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How to use button quail in a sentence

  • So there's another heading for a game book here; that might begin with elephant and finish up with mouse-deer and button-quail.

    From Edinburgh to India & Burmah|William G. Burn Murdoch
  • You christened little Miss Demby the Button-quail, last cold weather; you know you did.

    The Day's Work, Volume 1|Rudyard Kipling

British Dictionary definitions for button quail

button quail

any small quail-like terrestrial bird of the genus Turnix, such as T. sylvatica (striped button quail), occurring in tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World: family Turnicidae, order Gruiformes (cranes, rails, etc)Also called: hemipode
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