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[kam-uh-ril-uh; Spanish kah-mah-ree-lyah, -ree-yah]
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noun, plural cam·a·ril·las [kam-uh-ril-uh z; Spanish kah-mah-ree-lyahs, -ree-yahs] /ˌkæm əˈrɪl əz; Spanish ˌkɑ mɑˈri lyɑs, -ˈri yɑs/.
  1. a group of unofficial or private advisers to a person of authority, especially a group much given to intrigues and secret plots; cabal; clique.
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Origin of camarilla

1830–40; < Spanish, equivalent to camar(a) room (< Latin camera; see chamber) + -illa diminutive suffix < Latin
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school, crowd, club, company, camp, society, fraternity, clique, party, ring, class, clan, cabal, coterie, faction, posse, gang, mob, merger, partnership

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Historical Examples of camarilla

  • Such were the methods of the camarilla who were ruling Russia!

    The Minister of Evil

    William Le Queux

  • Their creatures have worked their way into the cabinet and the camarilla.

  • In either case the sovereignty of Ireland relapses into the hands of the permanent officials, that camarilla of Olympians.

  • Camarilla, kam-ar-il′a, n. a body of secret intriguers, esp.

  • But how can we shake off this Camarilla that shelters itself behind a forest of bayonets?


    E. V. Zenker

British Dictionary definitions for camarilla


  1. a group of confidential advisers, esp formerly, to the Spanish kings; cabal
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Word Origin for camarilla

C19: from Spanish: literally: a little room
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