/ kænz /

plural noun

  1. an informal name for headphones
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Example Sentences

They were among the first companies to begin packaging baby food in glass jars instead of cans.

Picking up cans and bags out of the bin and throwing them back, over and over.

To some people, keeping orcas in metal cans is violent animal-rights abuse; to others it is apparently “normal and legal.”

Some bloody sticks had been found nearby, along with beer cans and a Newport cigarette butt.

Among the garbage was the typical detritus of public gatherings: water bottles, soda cans, candy wrappers.

They found it not composed entirely of ashes and tin cans, either, although both of these were there in great profusion.

"Here are our canteens," he went on excitedly, picking both of the gasoline-cans out of the rumble.

Bergin dug a big hole behind that ole vacant shack of hisn, and buried about a ton of tin cans.

The milk is very warm when it comes from the cows so Farmer Green puts it in great cans as tall as Jehosophat.

"You must do some more work, yourselves," he told them as he handed each one of the shiny green cans.