[kuh-par-uh-suh n]
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  1. a decorative covering for a horse or for the tack or harness of a horse; trappings.
  2. rich and sumptuous clothing or equipment.
verb (used with object)
  1. to cover with a caparison.
  2. to dress richly; deck.

Origin of caparison

1585–95; < Middle French caparasson (now caparaçon) < Old Spanish caparazón, akin to capa cape1
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deck, covering, decoration, harness, clothing, trappings, adorn

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  1. a decorated covering for a horse or other animal, esp (formerly) for a warhorse
  2. rich or elaborate clothing and ornaments
  1. (tr) to put a caparison on

Word Origin for caparison

C16: via obsolete French from Old Spanish caparazón saddlecloth, probably from capa cape 1
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Word Origin and History for caparison

1570s, "cloth spread over a saddle," also "personal dress and ornaments," from Middle French caparasson (15c., Modern French caparaçon), from Spanish caparazón, perhaps from augmentative of Old Provençal caparasso "a mantle with a hood," or Medieval Latin caparo, the name of a type of cape worn by women, literally "chaperon" (see chaperon). Past participle adjective caparisoned is attested from c.1600, from a verb caparison (1590s), from French caparaçonner, from caparaçon.

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