/ (ˌkæpɪˈtɛləm) /

noun plural -la (-lə)

anatomy an enlarged knoblike structure at the end of a bone that forms an articulation with another bone; capitulum

Word Origin for capitellum

C19: from Latin, diminutive of capitulum
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Examples from the Web for capitellum

  • This sphere of refractive material he calls the 'capitellum' of the chordotonal thread.

    The Origin of Vertebrates|Walter Holbrook Gaskell
  • Of this base (capitellum), two parts mixed with one part of olive oil form the sapo saracenicus.

    Gilbertus Anglicus|Henry Ebenezer Handerson

Medicine definitions for capitellum


[ kăp′ĭ-tĕləm ]

n. pl. cap•i•tel•la (-tĕlə)

The rounded protuberance at the lower end of the humerus that articulates with the radius.
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