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noun, plural car·a·van·sa·ries.
  1. (in the Near East) an inn, usually with a large courtyard, for the overnight accommodation of caravans.
  2. any large inn or hotel.
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Also car·a·van·se·rai [kar-uh-van-suh-rahy, -rey] /ˌkær əˈvæn səˌraɪ, -ˌreɪ/.

Origin of caravansary

1590–1600; < French caravanserai < Persian kārwānsarāy, equivalent to kārwān caravan + sarāy mansion, inn
Related formscar·a·van·se·ri·al [kar-uh-van-seer-ee-uh l] /ˌkær ə vænˈsɪər i əl/, adjective
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Related Words

lodge, hostelry, hotel, inn, khan, serai

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Historical Examples

  • Then he sat in some caravansary, and guarded the candle flame.

    Christ Legends

    Selma Lagerlf

  • You must return to the Caravansary that guards these treasures.

  • By this time, Mowbray and Sainton had entered the caravansary.

    The Great Mogul

    Louis Tracy

  • At the Caravansary there had been sharp disapproval of the whole thing.

    The Precipice

    Elia Wilkinson Peattie

  • At the Caravansary they had scented tragedy, and Kate faced them with the paragraph.

    The Precipice

    Elia Wilkinson Peattie

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alternative spelling of caravanserai.

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