Origin of catalog

1425–75; late Middle English cataloge < Late Latin catalogus < Greek katálogos a register (akin to katalégein to count up), equivalent to kata- cata- + -logos reckoning
Related formscat·a·log·er, cat·a·logu·er, cat·a·log·ist, cat·a·logu·ist, nouncat·a·log·ic [kat-l-oj-ik] /ˌkæt lˈɒdʒ ɪk/, cat·a·log·i·cal, cat·a·lo·gis·tic [kat-l-oh-jis-tik] /ˌkæt l oʊˈdʒɪs tɪk/, adjectivemis·cat·a·log, mis·cat·a·logue, verb (used with object), mis·cat·a·loged or mis·cat·a·logued, mis·cat·a·log·ing or mis·cat·a·logu·ing.non·cat·a·log, non·cat·a·logue, adjectivere·cat·a·log, verb (used with object), re·cat·a·loged or re·cat·a·ogued, re·cat·a·log·ing or re·cat·a·logu·ing.

Synonyms for catalog

1, 3. roster, register, record. See list1.
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Examples from the Web for cataloguing

Contemporary Examples of cataloguing

  • I use a method I learned when I was 14, in Western Civilization class, cataloguing ideas on index cards, in shoe boxes.

    The Daily Beast logo
    Elizabeth Gilbert: How I Write

    Noah Charney

    October 2, 2013

  • Even Michelle Malkin's Twitchy.com devoted time to cataloguing praise for the venerable Cramer.

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    Richard Ben Cramer Dies at 62

    Justin Green

    January 8, 2013

Historical Examples of cataloguing

  • Can I be of any assistance, or is two company when they're cataloguing?

  • For thirteen years (after 1763) Lackington did all his own cataloguing.

  • It's cataloguing day, and one's not supposed to use the library.

  • Well, he went on with his fetching and carrying and cataloguing and packing.

    Queen Sheba's Ring

    H. Rider Haggard

  • In my growing zeal for cataloguing people, I should like to get our doctor tabulated.

    Dear Enemy

    Jean Webster

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