or cat·a·logu·er

[ kat-l-aw-ger, -og-er ]
/ ˈkæt lˌɔ gər, -ˌɒg ər /
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a person who catalogs.
a person or firm that offers merchandise in a catalog from which buyers may order by mail.
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Origin of cataloger

First recorded in 1835–45; catalog + -er1
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What does cataloger mean?

A cataloger is a person who’s responsible for cataloging things—recording them in an ordered list. Catalog is sometimes spelled catalogue, and cataloger is sometimes spelled cataloguer.

The list that the cataloger compiles is also called a catalog. Cataloger is often used in the context of the formal recording of items in a collection, such as that of a museum or library.

Catalog also often refers to a printed copy of items available for purchase from a particular company. The company providing such catalogs can be called a cataloger, but this sense of the word isn’t all that commonly used anymore.

Example: A team of catalogers has been working for months to document and record every last volume in the collection.

Where does cataloger come from?

The first records of the word cataloger come from the 1800s. Its base word, catalog, comes from the Greek katálogos, meaning “a register,” from the verb katalégein, meaning “to list” or “to count up.”

Catalogers often do more than just make a list of items. Especially when they’re cataloging items in a professional setting, their records often include descriptions of the items, their contents, and their condition, among other things.

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What are some other forms related to cataloger?

  • cataloguer (alternate spelling)
  • catalog (verb, noun)

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How is cataloger used in real life?

Cataloger is typically used in the context of formal records of items, such as those held by a museum or library.



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Which of the following things is a cataloger likely to do? 

A. make lists
B. record items
C. inspect inventory
D. all of the above

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