[ kat-uh-rakt ]
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  1. a descent of water over a steep surface; a waterfall, especially one of considerable size.

  2. any furious rush or downpour of water; deluge.

  1. Ophthalmology.

    • an abnormality of the eye, characterized by opacity of the lens.

    • the opaque area.

Origin of cataract

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English cataracte, from Latin catar(r)acta, from Greek katarráktēs “waterfall, floodgate, portcullis” (noun), “downrushing” (adjective), from katarássein “to dash down,” from kat- cata- + arássein “to dash, smite”

Other words from cataract

  • cat·a·rac·tal, cat·a·rac·tous, adjective
  • cat·a·ract·ed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for cataract


/ (ˈkætəˌrækt) /

  1. a large waterfall or rapids

  2. a deluge; downpour

  1. pathol

    • partial or total opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye

    • the opaque area

Origin of cataract

C15: from Latin catarracta, from Greek katarrhaktēs, from katarassein to dash down, from arassein to strike

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Scientific definitions for cataract


[ kătə-răkt′ ]

  1. An opacity of the lens of the eye or the membrane that covers it, causing impairment of vision or blindness.

  2. A waterfall in which a large volume of water flows over a steep precipice.

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Cultural definitions for cataract


[ (kat-uh-rakt) ]

A loss in the transparency of the lens of the eye, which reduces a person's ability to see. The condition can be treated by surgically removing the lens and replacing it with an artificial one, or with corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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