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[kat-i-gawr-uh-mat-ik, -gor-]
  1. Traditional Logic. of or relating to a word having independent meaning so that it can be used as a term in a proposition.
  2. Contemporary Logic. of or relating to a word or symbol having an independent meaning apart from the context of other words or symbols.
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Origin of categorematic

1820–30; < Greek katēgorēmat-, stem of katēgorēma predicate (in logic), accusation, charge (equivalent to katēgorē-, variant stem of katēgoreîn to predicate, prove (see category) + -ma noun suffix) + -ic
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Historical Examples of categorematic

  • A nice point is whether the Adjective is categorematic or syncategorematic.

    Logic, Inductive and Deductive

    William Minto

  • A word that can stand by itself as a term is said to be Categorematic.

  • A mixed term is, in the only useful sense of the word, Categorematic.

  • Thus words are classified as Categorematic or Syncategorematic.


    Carveth Read

  • In the proposition, 'Of' was used more indefinitely three hundred years ago than it is now, 'of' is categorematic.


    Carveth Read