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[ses-uh l, sis- or for 5, see-suh l]
  1. (Edgar Algernon) Robert1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, 1864–1958, British statesman: Nobel Peace Prize 1937.
  2. Robert1st Earl of Salisburyand1st Viscount Cecil of Cranborne, 1563–1612, British statesman (son of William Cecil).
  3. Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-. Salisbury(def 1).
  4. William1st Baron Burghley or Burleigh, 1520–98, British statesman: adviser to Elizabeth I.
  5. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “blind.”
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  • But she had never said Cecil was a man, she reflected, with what comfort she could.

  • And the Little Doctor could have her Cecil and be hanged to him.

  • "Dr. Cecil—" Miss Whitmore turned red at first, then broke into laughter.

  • The Reverend Cecil had not the habit of shirking any duty because he happened to dislike it.

  • Of the eligible men there Mr. Cecil Underwood seemed, on enquiry, to be the most eligible.

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  1. Lord David. 1902–86, English literary critic and biographer
  2. Robert . See (3rd Marquess of) Salisbury 2
  3. William. See (William Cecil) Burghley
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masc. proper name, from Latin Caecilius (fem. Caecilia), name of a Roman gens, from caecus "blind."

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