[san-too r, -tyoo r, san-cher; French san-tyr]

noun, plural cein·tures [san-too rz, -tyoo rz, san-cherz; French san-tyr] /sænˈtʊərz, -ˈtyʊərz, ˈsæn tʃərz; French sɛ̃ˈtür/.

Origin of ceinture

< French; Old French ceingture < Latin cinctūra; see cincture
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Examples from the Web for ceinture

Historical Examples of ceinture

  • In fig. 208 is shown a placque for a ceinture or belt, with a buckle to receive the thong.

    The Swastika

    Thomas Wilson

  • The ceinture was also composed of brilliants, emeralds and sapphires.

  • He fidgeted with the tassel of his ceinture, and she watched his moving fingers.


    Sarah Jeanette Duncan

  • Fig. 38 represents portions of a bronze plaque from that country, used on a ceinture or belt.

    The Swastika

    Thomas Wilson

  • Such a ceinture was worth fighting for, whilst his pocket-book contained ample funds for all immediate necessities.