swiftness; speed.

Origin of celerity

1480–90; earlier celerite < Middle French < Latin celeritās, equivalent to celer swift + -itās -ity

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Historical Examples of celerity

  • Celerity, valor, endurance, they were his iridescent neck and tail feathers.

    The Cavalier

    George Washington Cable

  • The pot-boy's movements resembled those of a tortoise in celerity.

    A Son of Hagar

    Sir Hall Caine

  • I let them both go with a celerity which to this day astonishes my memory.

  • They marveled at the celerity with which the fort was put up.

  • He practised before a mirror and was satisfied with his celerity.

    Jack O' Judgment

    Edgar Wallace

British Dictionary definitions for celerity



rapidity; swiftness; speed

Word Origin for celerity

C15: from Old French celerite, from Latin celeritās, from celer swift
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Word Origin and History for celerity

late 15c., from Old French celeritee (14c., Modern French célérité), from Latin celeritatem (nominative celeritas) "swiftness," from celer "swift," from possible PIE root *kel- "to drive, set in swift motion" (cf. Sanskrit carati "goes," Greek keles "fast horse or ship," keleuthos "journey, road," Lithuanian sulys "a gallop," Old High German scelo "stallion").

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