[sen-ten-uh-ree, sen-tn-er-ee; especially British sen-tee-nuh-ree]


of or relating to a period of 100 years.
recurring once in every 100 years: a centenary celebration.

noun, plural cen·ten·ar·ies.

a centennial.
a period of 100 years; century.

Origin of centenary

1600–10; < Latin centēnārius (adj.), equivalent to centēn(ī) a hundred each (cent(um) 100 + -ēnī distributive suffix) + -ārius -ary
Can be confusedcentenary centennial
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of or relating to a period of 100 years
occurring once every 100 years

noun plural -naries

a 100th anniversary or its celebration

Word Origin for centenary

C17: from Latin centēnārius of a hundred, from centēnī a hundred each, from centum hundred
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Word Origin and History for centenary

c.1600, "period of 100 years," from Latin centenarius "of a hundred, relating to a hundred," from centenai "a hundred each," from centum "hundred" (see hundred). As a noun, "100th anniversary," from 1788.

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